What the airlines are saying about hydrogen

The harsh reality when it comes to decarbonising the aviation sector is that it will initially cost more than doing nothing. That being said, it’s a transition that needs to be made in order to rebuild the industry for a low-carbon future.

According to the Air Transport Action Group, flights produced 915 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2019 worldwide, to carry over 4.5 billion passengers. Of course, flight transportation is pretty much compulsory these days for long distance travel, but the pressure is ramping up for those operating such flights to enhance operations for a more sustainable future.

With that in mind, airlines are looking to cut emissions as they work to meet various decarbonisation targets. To do this, those active in the sector are now exploring.….

(Source: https://www.h2-view.com/feature/what-the-airlines-are-saying-about-hydrogen/