H2U Technologies, De Nora to examine non-platinum group metal catalysts for cost-competitive green hydrogen production

H2U Technologies has revealed today (March 29) a joint development agreement to examine non-platinum group metal (PGM) catalysts that could enable cost-competitive green hydrogen production.

Through the partnership with De Nora, the PGM’s will be examined for its viability in water electrolysis and, should this be positive, commercialisations of this technology could revolutionise the market.

Platinum is often used in water electrolysis units and due to its expensive price range and rarity, it increases the overall costs of the green hydrogen produced.

This is why this technology could be so significant. Removing platinum and replacing it with a cheaper catalyst enables a widely available and cheaper.….

(Source: https://www.h2-view.com/story/h2u-technologies-de-nora-to-examine-non-platinum-group-metal-catalysts-for-cost-competitive-green-hydrogen-production/